Caring For Your Car Magnet

Cleaning & Maintaining Magnetic Car Signs

Advertising your business while on the go is simple and easy with magnetic car signs. Whether on company vehicles or your own personal car, provide your business with more visibility by using car magnets. Although magnetic signs are made to last a long time, you can prolong their life with a little extra care. Following these simple tips on applying, positioning, cleaning and storing your magnetic signs will make them look like new for years to come.

Applying Car Magnets

Before applying your magnetic car sign, carefully clean and dry the surface of the vehicle. This will prevent the magnetic sign from accidentally slipping off the car while traveling on highways at faster speeds. In colder weather, car magnets may become stiff and will not stick properly to the side of the vehicle. When applying magnetic signs during colder weather, you may want to pull the vehicle inside a garage or car port to shelter it from the outside elements and use extra caution.

Placing the Signs

Car magnets need a metal surface that is smooth and flat, usually the side or rear door panels. Try to center the magnetic car sign horizontally on the panel and carefully place one corner against the metal surface first. Allow the magnetic sign to pull itself and attach securely to the metal. For the best grip, the car magnet should be flat against the metal without air pockets. If you decide you need to reposition the sign, carefully remove it by pulling at the corner and reattaching it in the desired place. Dragging the magnet across the surface can stretch or damage the sign. Be sure to place the signs in smooth places that do not have ridges, dents or rust spots so that the magnetic signs lay flat. Also avoid areas of direct sunlight, like the hood of the car or other horizontal surfaces, as it can cause fading.

Removing Signs For Cleaning

Cleaning your car magnets on a regular basis will keep them looking attractive and new. To remove the signs, do not bend or crease the corners, but carefully peel at the edge and release the magnet. Use a wet paper towel to clean the surface or Windex to help with dirt spots and stains. After cleaning the signs, make sure to dry it completely before placing it back on the vehicle.

Storing Magnetic Signs

If car magnets are used to promote a seasonal sale or event, you will need to store the signs properly for future use. Storing magnetic car signs in a clean, dry place is best. Lay the magnetic signs flat on a sturdy shelf, and avoid stacking signs vertically with the magnetic sides touching each other. To keep signs from bending or creasing, do not stack heavy objects like boxes on top of the signs. Magnetic signs are durable and sturdy, but following these simple steps for care and maintenance will make sure the signs continue promoting your business even longer.